House Extensions in Harrogate | How Our Services Improve Property Value

In our position as a genuinely local building contractor and joinery contractor, CWR Building & Joinery takes great pride in the well-earned reputation we have for unrivalled building and joinery services in Harrogate and the surrounding areas. Whether it’s garage conversions, loft conversions or house extensions, we not only offer work that increases practical living space, but also brings about a rise in property value too. So whether homeowners are simply looking to increase the size of a house to accommodate a growing family, or they want to make a long-term property investment ahead of a move in the near future, CWR Building & Joinery covers every angle.


Below, we have outlined some of more common ways that our work as a building contractor and joinery contractor brings about an increase in property value.

1. House Extensions

There remains no better way to increase the value of your current Harrogate property than adding square-footage in the form of house extensions. In fact, there’s a perfectly good reason why house extensions, be they a larger kitchen or a double-storey construction with two additional floors of living space, have long been regarded as one of the most reliable forms of property investment. A study conducted by the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) revealed that house extensions undertaken by an accredited, experienced building contractor and joinery contractor could lead to an increase in a Harrogate property’s value by as much as 11%.


2. Loft Conversions

Whereas house extensions involve the creation of new living space, loft conversions offer the same results but without reducing the overall size of the wider property. By opening up a new storey in an underused loft, Harrogate homeowners make far more efficient use of their available space while seeing a vast increase in the value of their home. A study carried out by Nationwide Building Society calculated that loft conversions installed by a highly-skilled building contractor and joinery contractor had the potential to add approximately 22% to the overall value of a property. Naturally, this figure fluctuates depending on the area the home is in as well as the size of the new room and what it is used for. For example, an additional en suite bedroom will always prove appealing to the majority of prospective buyers in Harrogate, while a home office would carry somewhat more of a niche appeal.


3. Garage Conversions

According to a report by Virgin Money, approximately 90% of garages in the UK are not being used for their intended purpose. Whether they’re left empty or simply used as a storage space for tools, gardening equipment and assorted junk, one thing they don’t contain is a car. With this in mind, garage conversions have become an increasingly popular choice for home development projects. If a garage is attached to a Harrogate property, the creation of an en suite bedroom could increase its value by as much as 20%. Other options still see an increase, but less drastic. Garage conversions such as a home study or playroom bring about an increase of approximately 10%.

To discuss options for your own loft conversions, house extensions, garage conversions or any other building and joinery service in Harrogate, call 01924 899 333.

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